Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So i decided to start a blog

I haven't been living in Philadelphia for very long, only about 2 years now. But in the short time i have been living here i definitely noticed that there is a lot of people doing a lot of great stuff in our small rock n roll scene and unfortunately most of it goes unnoticed. So this is why i started this blog. I want to concentrate on the Philadelphia garage punk scene a just try to bring a little bit more attention to some of the bands, venues, promoters, djs and anyone else doing something rad in the city (well i guess we can add some suburb and ugggghh some south jersey content too).
I'm really going to try to keep this thing as updated as possible, ill be adding shows, dj nights, record reviews and what ever random shit i can think of that anyone might find interesting. I'm not a pretentious record collector or a huge music nerd in general but i have a love of great rock n roll. So if anyone has any suggestions on any content i should add just give me an email.
I do want to concentrate most of this blog on music of the garage rock/ garage punk persuasion and anything thats closely related to it. Ill be sure to pile on plenty psych, punk, mod, proto punk, power pop, sleeze and rock n roll in general.
Are you a band from out of town and want your music reviewed? Send us something!
So here it goes my first try at a blog................